Creamed Eggs Au Gratin with Asparagus Tips

Last variation on the Eggs Au Gratin. I think this one was my overall favorite, but I am completely partial to asparagus. The combination was delicious!


Tart Greens with Honey Buttermilk Dressing and Turkey Salad Sandwich

This was my first time making salad dressing and I thought it was incredibly weird making it with buttermilk when I was putting it together. The combination of honey and buttermilk seemed odd to me. But it turned out to be a really refreshing taste!

It definitely was tart. It had apples and pecans in the salad as well. A delightful flavor combination. I don’t usually like sweet dressings, but this pulled together super well! Always trust the book!

As for the Turkey Salad Sandwich, it is pretty standard fair, but the fresh turkey did make it delicious. The salad and sandwich complimented each other very nicely.

Egg Drop Soup and Chicken Sandwich

Let me just say right now that it was fascinating to see the egg cook for this soup. I heard it was a hard technique to get down, and I was almost surprised that it went exceedingly well for me.

The flavor was amazing on both accounts. Fresh chicken, mayo, lettuce and bacon for the sandwich. But the soup certainly was the star of the dish.

Chicken Rice Casserole

A tasty and quick meal that is sure to satisfy. I always love my rice dishes. The bread crumbs and fresh Parmesan on top was a very nice touch and brought this dish together perfectly!

Definitely a comfort food!

Beef Wellington with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce and Braised Vegetables


Definitely the most complicated thing I have cooked. The meat turned out perfectly, with the pinkness in the center and everything! This is just how my family likes their beef.

It will be hard to cook something up that defeats this monster on a job! With a whole almost 8 hours of preparation and cooking, I would say at the end if was still very much worth it! I am told this is one of the most complicated things you can choose to cook and I am really glad I did it because it tasted delicious.

Roast Whole Chicken with Poultry Gravy and Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Vegetables Au Grecque

This is the new favorite of the household. I worked all day to make the chicken perfect, basting it, getting the spices just so. It turn out wonderful. Fall apart, melt in your mouth wonderful.

The chicken was definitely the star of the dish, but the accompaniments turned out really tasty too. Some Fennel Seeds went into the vegetables and gave them a really nice spice that I haven’t tasted before.

The broth made an excellent stock that I will use later!