Roasted Stuffed Haddock and Barley Mushroom 'Risotto'

This was probably the best fish I have ever had. The comments around the table were as such as well, but the real star for me was the barley Risotto.

It was really creative substituting the rice. It worked really nicely, even though it used a ton of chicken stock. The flavors were to die for!


Mixed Shellfish Stew

I am really not a fan of shellfish. Or seafood. So you can imagine my thinking when I had to make this. I absolutely despise mushrooms as well, unfortunately. Which this stew is full of. However, I will say that when I tasted the broth, it was very good.

The green is Kale and Parsley. The seafood includes shrimp, mussels, clam, octopus, and cuttlefish. The mushrooms are shiitake, portabello, and button.

This was sent to both my grandparents and my mom’s work friend and her husband. My grandparents found it too salty, but they cannot handle much salt. They still were able to eat and enjoy it, but they found it a lot.

However, my mom’s work friend and her husband are Newfoundlanders and they absolutely loved it. They thought everything was perfect and wanted more!

Goes to show you how everyone from different regions have different tastes. I am just glad everyone enjoyed it.

Fresh Spinach Pasta Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

Second time making pasta by hand! These noodles came out a little thicker, as you can see, because I had to roll them to try and make elbow macaroni.

I didn’t quite get it down, so it ended up being called my ‘almost macaroni’ but that’s okay! The cheese with the combination of the freshly made noodles was to die for! I will definitely be using this cheese sauce in other things that require it. It’s delish!


Let me just say right off, I LOVE coconut!

So adding this to basically a fruit salad is double love! This was an incredibly light snack full of lightness and flavor. Too bad I only got a couple bowls in before my mom gobbled it all up!

Creamed Curried Eggs Au Gratin

A variation on one of my favorite recipes that I did before. I whipped out the curry powder again to make more delicious eggs. I also doubled the recipe so that there was more of it.

It was very filling this time around! And the almonds added a wonderful garnish and complimented the curry wonderfully. I think it turned out better than my last.

Curried Roast Nuts

A variation on one of the first things I posted to this sight. With the little twist of curry!

I honestly thing these ones turned out a little better in texture and flavor, but then again, I do like me some curry.

French Press Coffee

Another cup for all you coffee lovers out there. I don’t like it, as I stated before in my first food post; so I gave it to my mom. Unfortunately, we had so much going on that she forgot about it and stuck in in the fridge.

On the plus, she said it made the most amazing iced coffee ever.